Embrace Understanding: Connect with Fellow Autism Siblings

Welcome to AutismSibs, a haven for teens with autistic siblings. Our supportive community offers Zoom meetings and letter exchanges to share experiences and advice. Join us to find empathy, understanding, and friendship in this unique journey.

Comprehensive Autism Sibling Support

Expert-led resources designed for siblings of individuals on the autism spectrum. Personalized support and guidance.

Sustained Community Connection

Safe, supportive spaces for sharing experiences and gaining insights.

Engaging Online Events & Activities

Join our online activities to connect, share, and learn with fellow siblings.

Building Bonds Through Shared Experiences

Strengthen your sibling relationship with expert resources and community support.

Connecting Hearts, Building Understanding: Our Mission

At AutismSibs, teens with autistic siblings find a compassionate community to share and connect. Join us today and be part of a supportive network.


Pioneers in Autism Support Communities

Our dedicated team has years of experience in fostering supportive environments for siblings of autistic individuals.


Innovative Autism Support Activities

We lead the way in autism support by offering activities and resources proven to benefit siblings of individuals on the spectrum.


Empowering Teens for Stronger Bonds

By fostering understanding and connection, we help teens build stronger bonds and more resilient communities.

Ashley Davis

Community Leader

The teens at AutismSibs truly understand and support me.

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